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CCTV Video Systems

Successful oil and gas projects require dependable, safety compliant equipment which can withstand the harsh environments associated with the land and offshore oil and gas industry. Royal Video & Communications specializes in providing this equipment along with, qualified personnel, and outstanding customer support.

At Royal, we focus on CCTV Video and Communication Systems for the oil and gas industry which are aimed at increasing safety and efficiency while minimizing hazards and downtime. Utilizing only the highest quality parts, our skilled technicians can design, build, and install a wide range of video monitoring and communication equipment customized to fit the space and safety needs of your land or offshore drilling or production facility.

As pioneers in the oil and gas CCTV industry, our equipment has been developed through many years of field testing and application which has established Royal as the brand of choice for many operators throughout the U.S. We provide CCTV video systems for use in harsh conditions as well as hazardous/explosive gas environments. These systems can range from simple single camera top drive systems to more complex multi camera multi monitor/control station well site/platform camera systems. With our full line of analog and IP camera products, along with our experience in system design and customization, Royal is sure to have an explosion proof camera system for you. Our proven product coupled with our unmatched service coverage and response time assures our customers that Royal is the smart choice.

Royal’s slogan “When the need to see is as important as the need to know” drives our ambition to continuously develop and promote our products in order to aid our customers to identify the problems or potential problems associated with the drilling and production stages of oil and gas industry. Because time is money, and these problems can translate into injuries or rig down time, a Royal CCTV system is a wise investment in the safety and efficiency of your project.

We invite you to browse through our selection of innovative products to learn more about how Royal Video & Communications can assist in making your project a safe and successful one:

To support our customizable CCTV video technology, Royal Video & Communications designs and utilizes our proprietary industry leading components, including:

  • Exclusive marine shipboard rated video/control cables meet IEEE safety standards
  • Customized Monitor/Control units contained in proprietary robust housings for a wide range of on-site uses
  • Single and multiple camera video and control boards for exclusive use with our CCTV systems