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Didson Sonar Imaging

Clear, accurate imaging is essential to your drilling operation, but oftentimes environmental factors prevent traditional subsea cameras and video equipment from performing the job effectively. When visibility is an issue, the service experts at Royal Service & Rentals, Inc. will use our DIDSON® dual-frequency sonar to provide high-quality imaging in real time under otherwise zero visibility conditions to help you document, survey, and inspect key aspects of your subsea operation.

The DIDSON® sonar system can be deployed by guideline system, drill pipe, ROV, and more. In addition to the traditional DIDSON® system, Royal also offers a hand held unit complete with mask mounted heads up display specifically designed for diver deployment. Features and uses of the DIDSON® sonar system:

  • Umbilical feed to the surface for real-time topside viewing
  • Image recording capability
  • On screen range markings (Some models)

Perfect for:

  • Structure inspection such as dams, platform legs, pipelines, bulkheads, hulls, etc
  • Salvage and recovery
  • Surveillance
  • Bottom typing
  • Leak and flow detection