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Intrinsically Safe Walkie-Talkies

When you require rapid deployment and ease of use, the Royal Mobile-Comm system can deliver. Our walkie talkie systems are built to withstand the rugged environment the oil and gas industry is known for. These waterproof, compact, totally portable units can keep your personnel connected in any weather condition and hazardous/explosive gas areas. It is a fact that good communication increases safety and efficiency.

Available features and options:

  • Intrinsically safe handheld radios with belt clip
  • Intrinsically safe lapel speaker/microphones
  • Intrinsically safe headsets
  • Desktop radios with external antennas
  • UHF and VHF models available
  • Gang chargers for simultaneous rapid multi radio charging
  • Spare batteries for continuous service
  • Unlimited amount of radios per system
  • Multiple channel radios for separate simultaneous conversations within the same system