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Solar/Hybrid Light Tower Systems

Designed with ease of use and dependability in mind, the LED Solar/Hybrid system eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional metal halide diesel powered lighting systems. The solar panels large capacity battery bank and automatic start backup LP generator means the Solar/Hybrid system is dependable, sure to lower fuel costs and will provide light when and where you need it most.


  • Reduces fuel cost & trips to refuel
  • ZERO noise & ZERO air pollution means tower can be placed closer to activity areas
  • Motorized tower and panels means faster deployment & relocation
  • Long lasting light bulbs, minimal engine use & maintenance reduces lifetime operating costs


Our Solar/Hybrid system with backup LP generator means dependable lighting even in low sunlight conditions Adjustable height & light mounts put light where you need it most. Hi-intensity, solid state LED lights give high power illumination with low power consumption. Instant 'on' lights mean no flicker or warm up delay associated with traditional bulbs. Timer controlled on/off with manual override capabilities.