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Downhole Video Inspection

Even in the harshest marine environment, you need reliable data when it comes to the multitude of issues involved in planning, safety, construction, inspection, and equipment use/deployment for offshore drilling operations.

Beginning in 1982, Royal Service & Rentals, Inc. were pioneers the use of mobile subsea CCTV systems for the oil and gas industry. Prior to Royal’s innovations in this field, only rigs equipped with onboard CCTV systems had the opportunity for well bore inspection. Royal designed and built its own subsea video inspection systems in an effort to extend this valuable inspection capability to all offshore rigs. Our systems provide operators on the surface a firsthand view of subsea video which makes small in-hole debris recovery, net guard/trash cap removal, wellhead inspection and many more subsea obstacles quicker and simpler therefore eliminating the need for expensive wireline or diver services in most cases.

Royal provides tieback assistance with real-time subsea video allowing the client to proceed safely and efficiently in the completion and production phase of their well plans. With depth capacities as shallow as 50 feet and as deep as 6,000 feet Royal’s subsea video services are very versatile and adaptable to your needs. Due to the sometimes logistical complications of offshore locations, Royal always provides 100% equipment redundancy to minimize any client downtime.

We can render a full range of subsea inspection services, including:

  • CCTV tieback assistance
  • In-hole thread inspection
  • Implement drilling templates
  • Casing inspection service
  • Setting and pulling trash caps and or corrosion caps
  • Net guard installation and removal