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Wireless Intercoms

Royal Video & Communications, has developed a quick, easy to use, and effective rig site or facility communication system. The Royal Wireless Intercom System allows quick and easy deployment by eliminating the need to run wires between stations thus saving time and money during installation. The systems allows for multiple, simultaneous, private conversations as well as public address over loud speakers. The Royal Video & Communications Wireless Intercom System offers secure communication when and where you need it.

Our customized wireless communication systems include features and options such as:

  • Three digit extension dialing for station to station communication.
  • Explosion proof, all-weather, and indoor wireless loudspeakers for public address application.
  • A variety of wireless stations to fit your needs including: Explosion proof, indoor, outdoor, and cordless models.
  • Ability to connect your land-line or cellular phone to the system, granting telephone service to stations of your choice.
  • System can be used as a business telephone system in facilities and locations.
  • Wired systems available.

Call a Royal sales representative to discuss how our Wireless Intercom System can increase your site communications and save you installation cost and time today.